• Image of Voltumna | Damnatio Sacrorum

ARTIST: Voltumna
TITLE: Damnatio Sacrorum
TYPE: Full length (10 Track)

1. Soul on the Acherone
2. Lord of Mayhem
3. Aruspice
4. Damnatio Sacrorum
5. Suffocated feat. Paolo Pieri (Hour Of Penance)
6. Waiting for the Dawn
7. Epitaph for My Sins
8. Deus Ex Machina
9. Bloody Priestess
10. Progeny of the Snake

We are pleased to re-release Voltumna record "Damnatio Sacrorum", recorded at Fear No One Studio by Emiliano Natali. Produced by Paolo Pieri (Hour Of Penance/Aborym).

Album art cover by Grindesign

R DATE: 14/04/2014

CAT #: CB002